Software, Web Sites, Database


We create original software, in C/C++, for Windows and Macintosh. We can create software from scratch, or we can modify any of our existing products to meet a specific need.

Our developers have decades of experience creating commercial-grade custom software.

Web Sites

Our websites incorporate complex software and databases.

Examples of Our Work

RayChaser. Analyze how light from a fluorescent tube bounces off an irregular reflector represented by a Bezier spline. Custom software written for a major dry cell and flashlight manufacturer.

Parcel. Translate written description of a real estate tract into a drawing and acreage calculation (the Metes & Bounds problem). Custom software written for a law firm, to help automate real estate closings.

PreVIEW. Arrange carpet tiles in innovate patterns. Create installation maps and ordering information. Custom software written for a major carpet manufacturer.

WeaveMaker. Using mathematical pattern generators, rapidly creating weaveable fabrics that meet specific criteria for color and weave structure for dobby looms. Includes loom drivers that interface to most popular sampling looms, plus extensive chain file creation for popular commercial looms.

Plus all our fine off-the-shelf products, any of which we'll gladly modify to meet your specific needs.