April, 2003. WeaveMaker Version 8 has been released. Here's what's new.

♣ A high quality wool visual simulation is now available in a reasonably priced handweaver's product. This is also an excellent simulation for cotton. A sample draft and simulation (30 TPI) are shown at right (both are screen shots taken directly within WeaveMaker). Also, the background to this page is a screen shot of WeaveMaker's fabric simulation.

♣ The possible ends and picks has been increased to 3,200.
♣ The maximum harnesses has been increased to 150.


♣ The new fabric pickout feature provides you with two capabilities.

First, it lets you analyze a woven fabric and input it into the software. It's specifically set up so you can enter a weave with just one hand and without having to look at the screen; thus you can be looking in a linen tester or other magnifying glass, studying a fabric, while you're also inputting the weave structure into the software, without taking your eyes off the fabric (so you don't lose your place).

Second, it lets you freehand draw any design and have it analyzed into a woven structure.


♣ The new Color Mixer lets you easily experiment with color mixing and blending. This makes setting up ombre effects a snap. Two screen shots of the mixer are shown at the right.

♣ The Macintosh version of WeaveMaker is now Mac OS X native.


Version 8 Also Includes...

♣ Superb 3D rendering of fabrics showing the full interlacement of the threads has long been a superb feature of WeaveMaker. This rendering is of the fabric that makes up the background of this page. You'll notice that it's plainweave.

♣ Loom drivers are built into the software. Drivers for AVL (CD-I + cartridge, CD-II, and CD-III), Macomber, Louet, Leclerc, and SLIPS are all available. There is no extra charge for these drivers.

Ready to take a test drive? WeaveMaker is available as a 30-day free trial. All features of the software are enabled, including printing and saving. Try it out with your dobby loom! Download a trial version today!

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